Friday, January 25

Mac & Genius Bar

I've had my mac for about three and a half years.

In that time we've had a great relationship; it got me through my degree and didn't complain about being covered in sandwich crumbs and nail varnish. A perfect partnership.

This was until Tuesday, when my mac shut down and refused to boot or let me access any files. After trying a few Internet tricks with no luck I decided to book a Genius Bar appointment and drove down to Bristol to fix it.

I had never used the Genius Bar before but, as with Apple in general, I expected it to be efficient and easy, and I wasn't wrong.

After a short wait Hugo was able to diagnose and treat the problem of my corrupted hard drive and talk me through the process, after a short instillation my trusty mac was handed back to me in full working order.

When I got my purse out the lady at the counter informed me the operation was free and thanked me for visiting, I was surprised but very pleased by the speedy and apparently free service. Also very thankful for my functioning laptop.

I put so much of my life on to my laptop; work, photos, bank details, software, emails; everything. Which makes it nerve wracking when you do have a technical error and worry that you may never recover this precious data. In future I will definitely be backing up regularly!