Thursday, April 5

Haven Illustrations

In one of the modules we are studying this year we could create our own brief; I wanted to do something that was slightly different to any of the work I had done before so chose to work on a charity project. The Haven is a breast cancer charity that does great work but struggles to promote themselves; they have a very strict budget, like many charities, which means that their information packs and posters aren't as effective as they could be. 

After interviewing, researching and and planning I decided to make an information leaflet that could be handed out at treatment centres to target the most appropriate audience demographic. The current promotional material used by the charity did not reflect the subject nor inform the reader about what The Haven could provide, such as complementary treatments. Also the style of the information pack currently used is targeted at an older audience, which is not an accurate representation of all sufferers. 

The brochure itself is the in the process of redesign such as making the content more informative and structured. To accompany the brochure I have produced a series of illustrations, using shape, texture and colour. I hope that these designs will help the reader understand the serious information within the brochure and also be more suitable for all ages. 

I'm not a talented illustrator so stuck to a simple style with the geometric shape being the detail and colour to the piece. The designs will illustrate various areas of the brochure such as "health" and "support". They are defiantly a work in progress but will hopefully look better in context. This is a fictional project and in no way reflects the views of The Haven charity.