Monday, March 4

Apps I Love #1

Firstly, It's some how March. I must not have been paying attention because it's really crept up on me. This weekend has been the first for a while we have enjoyed beautiful sunshine, which is so nice as it signals the start of spring!

Speaking of new things; I recently downloaded a new app I had read recommendations of on another blog. It's called and it's like Instagram but better (in my opinion). The variation of filters gives a really great outcome and I felt it was worth a dedicated blog post.

If you would like to download for free you can here if you're an iphone user. Or here if you use Android.

Here are some images of me using it and the lovely pictures it produced. Like Instagram, has a "community" and you can post and share images with other users. Unusually, you can add an accompanying song, your emotion at the time and other such details. I really like the idea of adding a a track to the image because it can bring back so many great memories.

 Image before

Range of filters

About your image and sharing

 The finished photo with my chosen song by You Me At Six

The final product