Thursday, November 1


Yesterday, four months after finishing university, I eventually graduated along with my class mates at Chester cathedral. Before the ceremony I had been nervous about being on stage because I am really clumsy and not much into being on a stage, but thankfully being on stage lasted about 8 seconds and I didn't trip.

Halloween is quite an unusual date for a graduation as most others tend to be in the summer, however, it did give us all a chance to catch up with each other and discuss what we had been doing since June. It is quite nice to finally have some closure on my uni time, although I loved it, it's definitely time to move into a career in design.

I managed to drag my boyfriend and parents to the event without them complaining too much despite it being cold and the ceremony being quite long. It's no secret that I hate having my photo taken so here are a few awkward shots I took on my phone.

Also this is my 50th post which seems pretty appropriate :)

Nic looking forward to graduation

Lorna & I before we were seated

Me looking like a tool in Starbucks

Sam & I posing in a sports hall