Friday, January 25

New Toys

Recently I had to have my mac wiped. Luckily I am quite up to date with my time machine and was able to recover most things last night, although it did take some time.

I was also able to add on some new Adobe goodies which I am very excited about.

This is a screen shot of my desktop, if you look to the dock you will be able to see a whole load of new adobe software I have added.

I have previously owned Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver but now have an extended collection of After Effects, Flash, Audition, Story, On Location, Encore and Premiere Pro.

(Plus the less exciting, yet useful Microsoft Office Suite)

Although I have used some of the products before, some of them are relatively new to me, and will be experimenting with some film editing and letting you know how I get on.