Friday, August 31

I'm Fresh #2

Recently I began my job search by sending out a letter and stickers based on a lemon concept to various companies (see it here). I wanted to create a campaign to send to these design agencies so that I would stand out from what I expect would be thousands of other potential candidates. 

The campaign was based around lemons with "I'm fresh out of university" being the main tag line on the stickers along with lemon illustrations and some lemon based puns. Luckily, I did get some response to my letters but to ensure these companies didn't forget me I began part two of the "I'm Fresh" campaign and sent out another package. 

The new package had to be bold, interesting and attention grabbing. To achieve these criteria I wrote another letter, included a CV, more stickers and a lemon then neatly packed it into a box and sent it off yesterday evening by special delivery. Hopefully they will arrive on somebody's desk sometime today. 

I spent a lot of time and effort getting this package to look right and i'm hoping this is reflected.