Sunday, March 17

"Know Your Onions" by Drew de Soto

You might remember me talking about this book in a previous book wish list post. It's been something I've been meaning to get for a little while then went ahead and purchased it earlier in the week.

The book contains tips, useful things to remember and fantastic advice that I think all designers, no matter how talented they may be, can benefit from.

I think this book will definitely be on my work desk as a source for assistance and guidance on a range of matters - well worth buying if you're a relatively inexperienced commercial designer like myself.

This week I have been having a few problems with difficult requests from the printers,which can be stressful when you aren't used to performing these tasks a lot. "Know Your Onions" covers a whole wide range of useful topics, including printing and I'm sure it will be my go to reference on design matters from now on.