Wednesday, August 29

"Write On" Writing Set

This is a slightly unusual post for me (especially as I'm getting to grips with writing on an iPad) about a product I recently came across at Oxfam.

If you follow me on twitter you will know I am always collecting old, interesting books to scan and use in projects. While hunting for some of these old books I found this cool product and I thought it was deserving of a blog post.

The product itself is a writing set made out of recycled wrapping paper and includes 10 sheets and envelopes in a neatly bound package. I always tend to think of charity products as quite bland and far from exciting design wise, but this definitely caught my eye. It's not unlike something you might come across in fashionable stationary shops such as Paperchase (if fashionable stationary is even a thing?)

The product is not only beautiful it is also environmentally friendly, charity supporting and functional. Attributes that I think all designers should be aware of in their own work.

With the dominance of emails today, handwritten letters can convey a personal touch not achieved through digital communication and a pack like this definitely encourages me to write a bit more and type a bit less.