Tuesday, November 6

Five Interview Tips

If you follow me on twitter you will know that I have been job hunting since I finished uni this summer, and you may also know that I had an interview on monday. With the meeting still fresh in my find I decided to compile a list of "tips" and advice for graduate designers also going to interviews.

1. Research

An obvious piece of advice but you will be glad you know all of the companies' clients when they ask you which examples of their work you like the most and how much you know about the company (they will almost certainly ask). It is a great opportunity to show how serious you are about this role and the company.

2. Be prepared

For my previous interviews and meetings I not only took along my portfolio but some physical examples of my work and my iPad with lots of extra photos of projects I had not included in my printed portfolio. I found that it can be useful to take actual pieces of work with you to better explain your work but also create a talking point plus show extra images from my iPad.

3. Location

What seems another simple yet obvious tip is to research into where you going. Sat navs are not always reliable and don't allow for any potential traffic you may come cross so always google map your route so you are aware of the estimated time and location. Add on an extra half an hour to allow for error and always arrive 10 minutes early. 

4. Ask Questions & Get Feedback

Always ask questions about the company, your interview technique and how you can improve. Although it can be hard to take constructive criticisms it will strengthen your confidence for any future meetings and shows that you are willing to improve.

5.  Leave Something To Be Remembered

I think it is a good idea to always leave something with your interviewers so they can contact you back and you will be remembered, I believe this also shows fore thought and preparation. Be it an example of your work, a business card or a self promotional pack; leave something that will remind people of your great interview.

These are just a few of the pieces of advice I take note of when going to any interviews or meetings and I hope they are useful.

Good Luck!