Tuesday, August 14

I'm Fresh

Having recently graduated from university, I am seeking employment in my chosen career field of design. Like many of my peers, I have carefully researched before deciding where to take my next step forward on the job market. But I believe you have to be a bit more proactive, making your career happen instead of simply waiting for it to arrive.
With this in mind, I complied a self promotional pack to send to a small, select group of companies I have come across via twitter, in design articles or through word of mouth. These companies produce work that is dynamic, innovative and highly creative; agencies I would dream of designing for. 

The pack itself is based on a lemon concept; lemons are fresh, zesty and sharp. Similarly, these are the attributes of an enthusiastic and thoughtful designer, which I aim to portray through these self promotional items.

The pack contains a covering letter with illustrations, my CV and some stickers all tied together with my lemon influenced branding.

The design style used for this pack is inspired by old typefaces and vintage signage; something I admire and refer to in my personal work. I felt it was important that these letters and stickers convey my own taste and give a reflection of me as a designer. To finish, the letters were placed in a brown envelope to emulate a grocery bag and continue with the lemon theme, before finally being sealed with a sticker.

I hope to receive some positive and constructive feedback from my chosen agencies, I will to keep the blog updated with any news. Fingers crossed!