Wednesday, July 25

Self Promotion: Pintrest, Bloglovin', LinkedIn

At the minute I seem to be joining/adding/editing everything. Today alone I have worked on a self promotional project and sent it off to print (coming soon) added to my society 6 account, updated my LinkedIn and my website. The reason behind this frantic updating of social media is to promote myself as a professional graphic designer and freelancer which will hopefully help me get employed now I have my degree.

I am relatively new to LinkedIn and Society 6 so trying make my profiles and work appear as best I possibly can. The newest website I have joined is slightly different and not something I thought I would ever be interested in; it's called Pintrest. Before I was a member I was quite skeptical, but after some persuasion from my designer friends I joined, and I haven't looked back.

The basic premise for Pintrest is that you have a virtual pin board and roam the internet "pinning" images, text, blogs or articles to your board which can be shared and "repined" with others. This is defiantly a useful service as I am always coming across exciting things on the internet and losing them, so this allows me to collate my findings in one efficient pin board. Follow me here

Currently I have a pin board called inspiration where I have collected interesting designs that may influence future projects. As a designer, Pintrest can be a really useful tool to gather inspirations and influences.

On another note I have joined Bloglovin', after some research I decided it could be a great way to interact with a larger audience and find other design blogs to read myself. I am always searching for design blogs and find them few and far between so with any luck Bloglovin' will remedy this.

Finally, I am on holiday this friday (27th) until the 3rd of August but will post about my latest projects when I return :)

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