Saturday, February 18


As usual I have been really bad at keeping my blog updated, so i'm trying to keep it updated more often. Anyway, as I have said in a previous post I have been working on my exhibition that forms part of my "Identity Design" module. The brief was to rebrand our uni campus and work on one specific area; I choose to rebrand the campus gallery which is hardly used and is such an awesome space. The main concept is using magnetic strips to allow students to put their work up or anything that inspires them, in an informal way that isn't abrasive and can be easily changed, to complement this idea I created a website, promotional post items, stickers, posted promotions, posters and a style guide.

These are some pictures of the postcards to be used as promotional items, inviting people to visit the website and generate publicity for exhibitions at Kingsway Gallery. I had them printed at which are usually great and super fast, one of the postcards was slightly smudged but generally the print quality was pretty good. Managed to get my SLR back from my brother so here are some better quality photos.