Wednesday, May 23

Brit Project

In my experience as a graphic designer I have learnt that there will always be one project that you dislike, no matter how much you do to it will always be "the one you don't like". This project is that one I don't like.

The project itself is about making and breaking stereotypes of Brits and looking at the achievements of British people in the field of sport, music and engineering. At the start of the project I had a vague idea of what I wanted but I knew it was going to be typographic based as that was a part of my portfolio that wasn't developed.

As I got into the research and development everything was going great until it came to designing; nothing worked. For ages nothing was working. Until eventually I pulled it together into something just in time for the hand in. Although I don't like the project, it was a useful exercise it experimentation, research and refinement (which I did loads of). Hopefully this project will act as a lesson to myself to stop and come back to something instead of just trying everything to get it to work without thinking about what it means.