Monday, February 4

Book Wishlist

Previously I have written a few posts about design books (here, here & here). I like books. They're a great inspiration and there are varieties to suit every need, plus you can always come back to them. These are some of the books currently on my book wishlist.

"Know Your Onions: Graphic Design" by Drew De Soto £14.99 Amazon

After reading Lorna's review on this book I have really wanted to get my hands on a copy. I find many of the books classed under the design section can be visual and it's nice to have some that look at the theory of design and get you to think about the task at hand in a different way.

"Finger Print No. 2: The Evolution of Handmade Elements in Graphic Design" by The Chen Design Associates £18.55 Amazon

I own Fingerprint the original version, it was one of the first really creative design books I bought and it made me realise that you can't and shouldn't rely solely on the computer to create great design. If this book is anything like the first it should be a fantastic read.

"Hand Job: A Catalog of Type" by Michael Perry £17 Amazon

I've borrowed this book from the library many times and I'm sure most designers will be aware of it. Michael Perry's books have a childish, eclectic feel to them, much like a scrap book which means they are packed full of exciting examples of hand rendered type.

"Sign Painters" by Fayth Levine £13.59 Amazon

This book is right up my street; I love retro style typography and these examples look great. This is something I will definitely be purchasing and recommended for anyone with a strong interest in typography.

"Drawn In" by Julia Rothman £10.87 Amazon

I love books that look at designers sketch books because it feels like you're getting to look into their mind and see how their sketches develop into the finished product.