Saturday, February 2

Interview Creative Brief

As this post title would suggest this is about the creative brief I worked on as part of my application for the job at The Air Ambulance Service. Luckily I got the job so decided to share my efforts at this design task :)

The interviewers positively encouraged a creative outlook on this brief which which was so refreshing as it allowed a lot of freedom which is always exciting.

The brief itself was to design a postcard for the TAAS promoting the benefits of longer hours of sunlight in the summer months in regards to the air ambulance operating longer. I decided to go for an illustrative style as it was such a departure from the existing style of TAAS and I could really put my stamp on it. The concept is quite humorous and adds an element of fun, which moves away from the more shocking tactics of some charities.

This are my versions, one for TAAS and one for The Children's Air Ambulance.