Monday, February 20

Business Plan & Business Offer

One of the modules I am studying this year requires teams to make a business plan, I did do business at college but I was rubbish, despite this I was interested in finding out how to go about creating a professional plan and what would be involved. I was put into a group with Sophie and James and we quickly settled on a concept of live music events and a name; Phunk A Saurus Events.

The idea is that we would hold live music events in Chester, Warrington, Liverpool and Manchester once a week with a larger act and some local unsigned talent. We wanted to promote grass roots talent and give them the platform to perform with larger acts but also give the audience an intimate live experience. The concept was real but we didn't have to go as far as actually holding events, just enquire about prices and venue information.

Each week we had to create a presentation and have roles within the "business", for some reason I was in charge of finances, I am not a maths brain but the calculations were pretty much common sense and it all worked out right. The final assessment of the module was a presentation in front of a board of people in a Dragon's Den style plus create a physical business plan. My group wanted ours to be printed on newspaper in a "zine" style which was complex to work out initially as the GSM of newsprint is so low it can't be used by most printers. Despite the complications we did eventually manage to print our zine business plan and our presentation seemed to go really smoothly.

A few weeks later we were told by our lecturer that one of the board members had been impressed with our business plan and wanted to help us get the idea off the ground, giving us free business advice and helping us get a loan. It was so great that someone actually saw potential in Phunk A Saurus and we defiantly put the hours in so maybe it will be a reality one day.

Phunk A Saurus logo.