Wednesday, June 6

Final Exhibition Set Up

Thursday the 7th of June marks the final part of my degree where I will be presenting work I have produced this year in an exhibition. The pressure to do a good job is high, especially when surrounded by some great pieces from other designers. Due to the jubilee weekend time has been tight to get the exhibition set up and ready in time for the 4pm deadline.

For my part of the show I will be presenting some work from a self initiated charity brief. The concept is to raise awareness about The Haven, a breast cancer charity, by situating a campaign in womens' changing rooms and playing on the word "change" in terms of clothes and changing your lifestyle choices. I will also include a brochure I designed as part of the same brief along with my business cards and other promotional items.

Due to the nature of my brief, I want to make my space look like a changing room to put the campaign in situ. With added props of a mirror, seat and coat hooks I hope to achieve this look and ensure a professional exhibition.

These are some images of the exhibition coming together, spending time at the printers and mess.