Saturday, September 29

Liverpool & Interviews

This blog has shifted focus slightly over the past month as it has gone from my design work to my search for a design job. I find this change interesting as it allows me to chart my progress from this time last year when I was entering my final year of my degree to now when I am seeking employment and going to interviews. Anyway, onto the focus of this blog post...

Yesterday I was lucky enough to invited to an amazing studio in Liverpool for an interview, I had been aware of the work of this company for some time before as they had been the focus of a lecture in my third year and I had subsequently researched into the exciting and innovative work they do. This was to be my third experience of a "real" interview so I felt confident that I could talk about my work but still nervous that I wouldn't come across well or my mind would just go blank when asked any questions. Thankfully this did not happen.

The interview itself lasted about 30 minutes which allowed me to talk about my work, show my portfolio and answer some questions before getting some constructive feedback. I am a big advocate of constructive feedback as I think it allows you to improve and this surely can only be a benefit, as I was also applying for a junior role I was quite prepared for comments that may be made.

In general I think (hope) the interview went well but was flattered to even be invited for the first round of interviews as the company is quite prestigious. I was informed that a second round of interviews with a set brief would occur and I am desperate to be part of the next step!

In the mean time these are some photos of Liverpool docks which we visited post interview. Despite living only a 45min train ride away for three years at uni I had never been to Liverpool and actually really enjoyed it.

A beautiful sunny day

My windswept parents who insist on coming to interviews with me to get the day off work and
 eat lunch in cool places.

The famous "Liver Bird" in the distance which I had never heard of. See here