Friday, January 18

Final Year Uni Survival

This January thousands of final year students will be going back to uni to complete their degrees and get the grades, my boyfriend and friends included. While thinking about them and what they would be facing in their most stressful term I began to think back to how I was feeling this time last year.

The last part of uni can be difficult with the amount of work and revision balanced between trying to have a social life and still get the results you want. These are some tips I stuck to to make my last term easier and a lot more fun.

1. Get organised.

This sounds like an obvious tip and it is, but get organised about being organised now. Get all the equipment you are going to need to revise, write your dissertation or do your coursework now so you can start as soon as possible. You can't cram two months of work into two weeks.

2. Don't rely on technology.

When I was at uni I had to submit digitally a couple of times. It's much more convenient and can be done from the comfort of your home. Unless the uploading system goes down, which I did on the day of one of my submissions. Luckily I decided to submit early so as not to risk our unpredictable uploading system crashing and I'm so glad I did.

Uni regulations don't count their intranet going down as a valid reason to submit late meaning you loose 10% of your overall grade per day your work is late. It can be the difference between a grade.

3. Whatever it is - it will get done.

The amount of work you have to before the deadlines or exams can be SUPER daunting. Don't stress;  just break it down into lots of smaller, manageable deadlines so you can chart your progress and ensure it get's sorted on time. Plus, if it's really important then it will get done, somehow you just make it happen. You'll be surprised how fast you can work when time is short.

A picture from final hand in day. 

4. Don't Stress.

This sounds simple now but don't stress. Just don't. I wasted hours worrying over small details that seem insignificant now. Stressing just wastes time and energy that can be put towards something productive. Put it to one side and move on.

5. Party

Your lecturers won't advise this but I definitely do. The final term of uni is long and difficult and you need to remember that it is your last term, so make the most of it while you're there! I worked very hard but my housemates and I always made time for a few cheeky drinks to de-stress and get away from the pressures of finals. It's not all about work!