Friday, June 1

Degree Show

If you follow me on twitter then you have probably seen me talking about the degree show over the past few weeks. The exhibition requires months of prior planning on top of our already busy schedules to ensure that the show is presented in the best way possible.

I have been quite heavily involved for a number of weeks collating an image and statement from each exhibiting student, editing and adjusting it and then making it into an individual postcard. Luckily I have had the help of a crack team of individuals; Nic and Lorna, to help turn the postcards around.

I really wanted to get involved with the show because I could ensure the outcomes were to a good standard and something we could be proud to present. However, dealing with such a large number of people you don't know and can't rely on can be challenging, but ultimately rewarding when you eventually organise the situation.

The process has been pretty stressful at times when trying to get required images from certain people and trying to explain what DPI is to fine artists. Hopefully within the week the postcards will be sent off to print ready for the degree show and we will end up with some great promotional items.

These are some images of the degree show in progress. This week I have been painting my wall space, getting covered in paint and building my plinth (I made it myself, from scratch and using tools like a pro)