Saturday, June 23

Postcards Printed

As I mentioned yesterday, the degree show exhibition is now underway after the opening night on Thursday. If you read this blog you might of seen me talking about my involvement in the show here.

Most degree shows have a catalogue with all the exhibiting artists in, a statement from them and an accompanying image. For our show we decided to have individual postcards, and it was my job to gather, edit, chase people up and make all 83 of these postcards, with the help of my good friends Nic and Lorna.

This was pretty stressful task on top of finishing my own degree as time was tight and there was lots to do. The whole process was a good experience in organising a large group of people and dealing with some difficult customers, which will hopefully be useful in industry.

Despite all this we did it and they came out looking really smart. I had been worrying on the drive up to the opening that they wouldn't live up to my expectations, but I was pleased with the clean style that linked in with our show branding perfectly.