Tuesday, January 10

London Map & Brit Project

For one of my projects this year I have chosen to look into British culture and the preconceptions me make about it. The british are seen as patriotic but I wanted to know how much we really know about our culture, in areas such as history, food, bands, royal family, language, sayings and traditions. The issue is pretty relevant right now with the debate on foreign students and citizenship for the UK, which has also lead me to look into the British citizenship test. I plan on interviewing a range of people and asking them to complete a mock up citizenship test, taking their answers and creating some visual responses to my proposed question. The module we are creating this project for is based on research, which is great because it allows you to get so much depth of knowledge in one area and really make something great with it. That said, anybody willing to be interviewed please email me at hello@alicevaughan.co.uk.

While initially researching into this topic I came across this beautiful screen printed info graphic map of East London from here. The vintage texture and use of typography works so well together, it's just really nice to have it on the wall to look at and get some inspiration from. The map is tactile yet cleanly designed which is something I try to achieve in my own design work - I always things look so much better with a hand rendered touch to them. Excuse the bad photos, I left my SLR at home after christmas break, I will replace them with better images once I have the camera back.