Friday, June 8

Personal Development Plan

Yesterday I finally finished Uni! Completing our exhibitions was the last part of our final deadline so typically everyone was stressed but still making time to have a laugh. Getting to see everyones' exhibitions go up over the course of the two days was great because there is such variation in the work displayed. The exhibitions have now been locked up ready for marking, only to open again on June 21st for the public.

As part of the exhibition I had to include my PDP or personal development plan. This is a detailed account of my development as a designer during the course of third year, documenting everything I have done. I've been slowly adding to the document for a number of months but it's only now it has been printed that I can appreciate all the workshops, meetings, exhibitions, briefs, collaborations, competitions and events I went to/did/worked on/chaired. These are some images of the final PDP printed and bound.